A true testimony

I love my teenagers…and their friends. I’ve learned a lot from them over the years, and I hope that maybe I’ve taught them a thing or two. One thing I’ve heard more than once from some of them goes something like this – “I’ve just followed the rules all my life, and if I don’t experience things for myself, I’ll never learn, and I won’t be able to help others.” They equate “experiencing life” with having a dramatic testimony, the I-did-drugs-and-now-I-don’t or I-once-had-an-eating-disorder-and-I’ve-been-healed kind of testimony; and they seem to think they need that kind of testimony in order to be effective. And while it’s true that anything in life we experience can be used by God to help others in similar situations, I feel as if there’s an even more dramatic testimony, one that is harder than any other.

When Jesus was tempted in the wilderness, He didn’t fall to any of the temptations the enemy tried to hand Him. Nope, not one — He walked away, following the perfect will of the Father. He knew who He was and WHOSE He was, so His ability to walk away showed a depth of relationship and strength of character that anyone would envy. And He had the ammunition He needed for protection…God’s Word. He walked that line unwavering, the line that we as sinful humans just don’t want to follow. We’d rather tell people about how we drifted from it and then recovered our step, thanks to God’s work in our lives.

But how many of us would ooh and aah over someone who actually walked in obedience and didn’t waver? I would, for one. Not that anyone would always stay on track at all times – most of us have chosen badly, paid hard consequences (some harder than others), eventually recovered, and lived to tell about it. And all that is part of life. But the most “dramatic” of all – the one that demonstrates depth and strength and true overcoming – is the one that follows Jesus; the one that stays strong during temptations; the one that walks that straight line; the one who may not have any spectacular worldly events to tell. The one who knows who he is and WHOSE he is, and lives to tell about it…THAT is the true testimony.


1 thought on “A true testimony

  1. More amazing than those who don’t turn aside are the ones who know how they did it. The mechanism they used to turn aside from temptation and walk in the will of God. That mechanism alludes most. It is not desirable unless the results are understood. That mechanism is faith working by love. The results are relationship in perfect love. It comes across as joy busting out with hope for you. This is Knowing the Father/Son/HG. We all look at people and wonder how they live such perfect lives. There is just something about a person who is really in love with Jesus and walking in Him, it’s contagious and makes me want to get close to Jesus. There is a kind of person that just makes me feel bad about myself. There is one kind of Church that makes me desire Him above all else; one kind of Church makes me treadmill on the perceived perfection of others and stoop in the standards unattainable without the relationship in Him. The fruit of that is despoiled lives, questioned reasons, unsure footings and blindness. Thankfully there is a Savior – We need Him. Nufsaid!

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